Welcome to our inaugural crew3 CM360 Program - where you can upskill yourself and learn the best web3 community management practices from industry experts, plus collaborate with each other to make everyone’s Projects go pop!

We’ve been asking what you want out of the program and below you’ll find our initial schedule, which we’ll keep as dynamic as possible week to week.

Each week acts like a sprint and will focus on a specific topic - all voted for you in order of demand!

Mon-Weds will be an interactive Discord discussion and link-sharing place, each Thursday we’ll take those best practices shared into an online webinar with an expert. Then each Friday we’ll hear from our crew3 CM’s as they talk us through how they built their Questboard, the impact it’s had for them and tactics to grow your web3 community massively.

CM360 Begins on Monday, Feb 27th inside our CM360 Discord Channel - we can’t wait to see you there!

Opportunities To Get Involved:

🤝 Sign up or invite other web3 CM’s you know to our Program

🤙 Interested in running a Friday Questboard walkthrough?

(It’s a great way to get your Project in front of hundreds of web3 CM’s in real-time, and our blog and social channels)

You can apply here and we’ll get back to you!

Our 12-week CM360 Schedule

1️⃣ Week One Kick Off -Monday, Feb 27th

🏃‍♂️ Sprint Topic: Community Management Best Practices

‘To set the scene for our new program, we’ll be digging deep into the core fundamentals of being a Community Manager, and learning what it means to be a top web3 Project leader’

🗣️ Format/Where: Mon-Weds Discord Discussion, Thursday - Video Call with crew3 Head of Community Jonny Quirk

👋 CM Quest Board Walkthrough: Friday, March 3rd 2pm UTC - Project/CM TBC